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A child’s earliest years include some of the most unique and valuable stages in their life. At Maternity of Mary ~ St. Andrew School, we are committed to providing a safe, healthy, nurturing, and responsive learning environment for our children. Through our Catholic values, we address the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of each child.

 Our Kindergarten program is designed to build the strong foundation for future learning. This is a wonderful year of development and discovery as we watch our children explore their world more in-depth. We know that even more than what our younger students carry in their backpacks, are the experiences they carry with them from their earliest school years for the rest of their lives.

 MMSA Catholic School is a partnership of students, parents, teachers, and staff dedicated to educating each student. We know that it is through this deep commitment and cooperation that our students will be assured of having the best learning experience possible.   Know that we will provide your child with an environment that will enlighten, enrich, and excite them each and every day.   We look forward to working closely with you and your child. We are excited to embark on this journey with you!


Maggie Quast, Principal